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Demo reel and works with breakdown

Demo Reel 2013

I thought I need to upload a new version of my demo reel. A couple of new work done at MPC L.A. Great environment, great people, great company. Still wanted to preserve a personal touch in it, so I didn't get rid of my personal works. Ah....and changed the music. I discovered an absolute love for Parov Stelar. I can't leave my demo reel without music. I love music

Speed paint demo

I downloaded a screen capture video from the Apple Store. It's a pretty good one. Finally I was able to record my screen without using quicktime, which takes a lot of RAM to do it and I can not paint while I'm recording.

The total time spent on the drawing is about an hour (I took a quick break while I was painting it). The principle is starting with breaking a photograph and finding shapes in the abstract image created. Once the shapes are defined it starts the actual painting and the color grading. The main thing is not being super detailed, but being able to convey a sense to the image and suggesting shapes in the minimum time possible. I spend most of the time playing with the colors and the lighting, more than actual describing the subject.

Demo Reel 2012

Almost everything is a two weeks project except for the Iron man sequence and Santa Clarita Ufo. I will update it as soon as possible, since I want to correct some graphical issues and add newer works. Thanks a lot to Cenk Cevdet Kilar, great guy I had the opportunity and the luck to work with, in a couple of shots inside of this demo reel.

Brief shot inspired from the Movie Prometheus. 3 days in total. First I painted in Photoshop the environment based on the waterfall reference sequence. I than quickly build the environment in Maya and I wrote a little script to bring all my mesh and my camera into Python Nuke nodes (to make the workflow faster). The spaceship is actually a 3D model I quickly pull out and rendered in vRay.

Prometheus Inspiration


I changed my project quite many times. Total work on this scene is one week. Luckily one of my friend (Kuangheng Hwang) provided me a model of a spaceship. I created 30 different shapes of Buildings in Maya. With a little script that I wrote, I populated the scene with the buildings. Took different rendering at 6K of res from 13 different cameras. Layout them in Photoshop and did a paint over to texture them, fix some issue, and color correct. I bring back the images in Maya and projected back onto geometry. At the end I created a 240 degree pano of the city and stitched the renders with ptGui. With this base, I was able to create a quick and dirt matte painting for the background. The total render time, with motion blur on; was about 30 sec per frame for the environment; the spaceship was on a different render layer and this one, of course, took me more time to render (around 2 minutes per frame). I projected 32bit images onto geometry to have a good and physically correct motion blur in camera.

At the mountains of Madness

Here is the two weeks project at The Mountain of Madness. I ran a little bit. At the end, I decided to take the concept, but reinterpretate in a movie style. I modeled the entire environment in ZBrush. I thought to use this software this time since I felt kind weak with it....and I actually never liked. This time I discovered the power of Dynamesh and Insert Brush tool that allowed me to model the environment pretty quick. In the beginning I started to model it in Maya, but since I was not sure about the design, last Friday I switched and restarted everything in ZBrush. Some problem in the beginning, to get use to the newer tools, but at the end I was pretty happy. Gave me a lot of possibility to just sketch the model.

Background replacement. Tried to show a little bit more better the background breakdown. This place doesn't exists. Are different photos put together, bashed and tweaked in Maya and Photoshop and projected onto geometry.

BackGround replacement

This is what it came out in two weeks of work. There are still some problem with the textures and I tried to hide that in comp. I still have to render 200 frames more, but I ran out of time and I might do that later on. The render time was super fast on the projections, but it started to slow down (a lot) for the upper part of the building where there is intense geometry and actual texture and shading work. Also I use to render in EXR with a lot of different render passes; just to be sure to have enough material to fix problems in compositing. Still I have to find a better way to render the motion blur. At the second half of the video you can see a little breakdown of the shot. Anyway, that was an enjoying little project to test spherical panoramas and calibration for spherical projection. Hope you like it.

Bradbury Building DigitalSet

Iron Man - Mark 10 Test by Cenk Cevdet KILAR and Stefano FARCI. After 2 months of work, we completed the whole sequence. Special Thanks to Stephen McClure and Wayne Hollingsworth...

Iron Man - Mark 10 Test

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